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Visual identity signage has to be maintained clean, functional and secure.
It is not only a legal obligation, but also an essential criterion for the reputation of a brand, the image of a site or a commercial network.
The maintenance (remedial or preventive) performed by Lenoir Services ensures an economic and efficient solution for your signage, compliance with the norms and integration of modern technology.   

Depending on the territory , Lenoir Services can assist with:

  • 2 platform trucks, 7m long with 9m crane, they permit to lift heavy and large elements. 
  • 2 bucket trucks, 12m elevation.
  • 8 vans for our internal team of operators, access to 10 additional vans of our regional partners.
  • 10 delivery vehicles. 
  • 1 delivery truck.        

Intervention in various countries with local partners