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Consulting & support

Changing one’s visual identity involves complying with many regulations, norms and procedures.

Norms include:

  • Electrical standards (NF 100-82…)​
  • Safety standards (PPS PS drafting, charters…)​
  • Mechanical resistance standards (snow, wind…)​
  • Chemical standards (ROHS)​
  • Environmental standards (DEEE; clean construction sites…)
  • International standards (CE, UL, CCC…)

Rules and regulations include:​

  • 10-year guarantee (if applicable)
  • Fire protection class (French and Euroclass)
  • Weather protection features (IP)
  • Shock protection (IK)​
  • Environment code (1979 Decree and its many amendments)
  • Local regulation: more than 1500 local rules on signage​
  • Geographic rules (ZPR, ZPA)​
  • Delivery schemes (DT, DICT…)​
  • Signage authorization request rules​
  • Light pollution (2012 Decree): theoretical or applied study are possible

Last but not least, one should consider taxes related to signage in France, namely the TLPE, a local tax directed towards advertisement and signage.
Lenoir Services is glad to assist you in complying with all the above-mentioned norms and regulations while legally minimizing the TLPE amount by using diverse alternatives.